Learn To Adapt To Changing Times

Sometimes early last year While i struck a deal as a remote developer for a NYC real estate firm on an ICT Job with Olatunde Adedeji of Biocence. Client offered to pay remuneration in Bitcoin.

The job was going to take about seven (7) weeks to complete. After much deliberation & consultation with Olatunde, We turned down the offer of payment in Bitcoin & opted for $ USD.

Fine, we didn’t know much about cryptocurrency & really never bothered researching into details. I remember talking to my account officer about it but she was also clueless. Of course, we got the job done within the stipulated time frame.

Fast forward 6 months, Bitcoin that we turned down became Gold. I have had people lecture me on Bitcoin this & that in the past eight (8) months.

Could this be due to our ignorance? Yes!

  1. We should have explored, though unfamiliar area but worth learning about.
  2. We should have looked at other ways of doing things rather than sticking to one easy way.

If we keep doing what we ‘re doing, we ‘re going to keep getting what we’re getting”- Stephen Covey

Lesson Learnt: Dare to explore, take some risk, ask questions when in doubts, Keep learning to adapt to changing times.

Written February, 19, 2017

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