Random: Poetry

Watching you from afar has been a delight,
Way back from adulting years in uni,
I could read the beauty in your eyes,
Knowing fully well my heart beats for you,

To me, it was only a matter of time,
Time and Time Over,
Funny how the days went by,
Days turning into weeks,
Weeks into months,
Months into years longing for you,
Yes, longing for you,

Puzzled like never before,
Love is all I ever want from you,
It should grow to something beautiful,
Something to cherish and adore,
Who knows, someone, somewhere,
Might want our kind of love

I have fallen in love, yet, she isn’t aware.
Cried my eyes out,
My eyes bulged, 
At the trauma of sleepless nights,
Drowned and drained in your thoughts,

Some jazz music to the rescue,
Playing slowly to ease my mind
But it wouldn’t help,
Alcohol is a no no,
I wouldn’t ply that route.

Searching for happiness,
I don’t know which steps to take,
Maybe it’s time to give up,
it’s time to try other,
Decision making becomes difficult,

Need to follow my heart,
To find my lost self,
On discovering you are with him,
More pains to the injury,
Reality dawned on me than ever before,
Knowing you will never be mine, 
It hurts but hurt the more,
When I saw your wedding photos,
Letting go to attain the inner freedom.

My priority at the moment,
My need to be sane again
Good thoughts and not thoughts of her,
Realizing whatever happens, Life goes on,
Loving someone deeply can sometimes be undesirable.

Written on April 25, 2020 at 9:00 am

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