Endurance is one of the things school tests do not measure.
Just like humility, good manners, grit, persistence, fighting spirit, commitment, leadership etc. A quaility you as an individual have to imbibe.

In a Facebook post made 9 years ago on this day, i wrote about Learning Endurance and staying up to 6 hours in the swimming pool. Of course, i received funny comments from acquaintances and friends. One said; “it’s dangerous to your health”, “another said you should just turn to a 🐟”, etc
For me, i knew exactly what i wanted to achieve, it wasn’t a daily activity, rather, once a week activity.

Why was i learning Endurance?

I was learning Endurance for sitting power, strength and keeping fit for my Chess Qualifier games to the 2011 All African Games. Yes, i did qualify for the second time to the All African Games and was invited to National Camp in Abuja.

As you may know, Chess games in classical format could last as long as 6 hours. Playing good chess is not a walk in the park. Your mind, body and soul must be in top shape. You must be able to handle difficult situations during games as the position changes often from the opening, middle game and endgame. This is where endurance comes in.

Imagine having able to endure difficult times, situations or problems with persistence, and strong-will then coming out top. That’s when you realize your efforts weren’t wasted.

Endurance teaches you patience. Endurance builds your confidence and keeps you fit physically and mentally. You are not so fast in jumping into conclusions, rather you take your time and analyse surrounding situations and come up with the best decision.

For me, swimming is it, as i am able to stretch every part of my body. To some other individuals or upcoming chess players, for you, it might be something else. Find a sport, an hobby or something that can teach you endurance. Running, exercising, long tennis, table tennis, soccer etc are all good for learning Endurance as long as you can create the time.

Endurance is an attitude to embrace challenges!

Written on April 10, 2019, 6: 04 am

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